Company Profile
We are established in Luxembourg to provide a wide range of Food products and besides general trading services - such as facilitation, consultation & handling of logistics as our clients showed and proved us the immensely existing and increasing market demands for commodities and its related services.

In the past decade, the senior managers and founders of AriNord have worked dedicatedly and ambitiously to fulfil our customers' needs with innovative and convincing services. Our managers and executive employees comprise a team of professional and committed staff - who take great pride in providing a high service level to all our customers.
Furthermore, we have now entered into strategical Joint-Venture-Agreements with our year-long and approved partners in Europe, South America and Middle East- resulting in affiliated companies in booming parts of the Food Markets in respect of commodities and its services.
We move large amounts of good clean product. Our prices are usually very competitive as we ship directly from the manufacturer/factory and manage considerable higher volumes which provide us a major competitive edge.

We are sure to deal together for successful business results.
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